This article was originally published for The Financial Express on Dec 7, 2020

‘Travel’ has been a widely used keyword under the listing hobby in anyone’s resume. Travel enthusiast or not, traveling is liked by everyone. It has become a part of everyone’s lifestyle across the globe. Being a zillion dollar industry, a slump had never been faced by travel until now. The mass has come across a deadly virus, the world has been changed by it, but more importantly, ‘world of traveling’ has been changed. Question is, — “Will ‘travel’ come back? …

Disclaimer: I am planning to write a series of articles from different perspectives; be it from the point of view of a girl, or a boy, or a boss, or a mother etc. As a disclaimer, I must say this article is only based on my personal experiences, my surroundings and my research. Doesn’t necessarily mean this is applicable to every girl in the world. The motive of this article is not to demean anyone, whatsoever.

Have you ever been in a relationship? Have you ever had a problem understanding your partner? Of course, you have. Relationships are tough, it…

Before I start, I must mention; I am 32 years old and I have 2 successful businesses based in Bangladesh and operates in multiple countries in South East Asia. I am also not a single nerd; I have a fiancé and I am getting married in less than 30 days. I live a very active life and despite being that busy, I never missed a single episode of Raw, Smackdown Live and now NXT.

Source: WikiPedia

I started watching Wrestling (Only WWE) since probably 1995. Yes I saw attitude era. I saw Vince McMahon screwing Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart at Montreal and…

2019 has been a very interesting year for me. Both my companies, Analyzen and Go Zayaan, faced turbulence but we came back strong on both occasions. I started believing in love again (as you see romantic movies).

The year was very challenging and yet full of new learnings.

I don’t have regrets but there are certain things I would have done differently and would do differently in the coming years.

You are probably wondering why I am bringing my personal relationship in this article. Because unlike most others, I believe there are so many common points between them. …

Ridwan Hafiz

Entrepreneur | Digital Marketeer | Traveler | Part-time Boxer | Aspiring Writer

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