Why do I still watch WWE?

Before I start, I must mention; I am 32 years old and I have 2 successful businesses based in Bangladesh and operates in multiple countries in South East Asia. I am also not a single nerd; I have a fiancé and I am getting married in less than 30 days. I live a very active life and despite being that busy, I never missed a single episode of Raw, Smackdown Live and now NXT.

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I started watching Wrestling (Only WWE) since probably 1995. Yes I saw attitude era. I saw Vince McMahon screwing Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart at Montreal and I remember crying my eyes out as a 8-year old. I saw Stone Cold raising hell with beers in his hand, D-Generation X taking ‘fun’ to a new level, I experienced the birth of Rocky Maivia who became The Rock as the most electrifying man in the history of World (not just sports entertainment). I carry ‘The People’s Champ’ as my designation in my company that I co-founded. I also have 1 tattoo in my body and it’s ‘The Brahma Bull’ same as The Rock.

Most of the people I know (read most of the people at my age) left watching wrestling after the attitude era. We fans, call them ‘The PG Era’. A Era which was mostly carried by John Cena who expanded the universe to women and kids. Every kid I met at last decade said ‘They Love John Cena’. Boo kids, grow up. I remember I was buying an action figure of Seth Rollins at Walmart and a kid (who bought a John Cena Figure) asked if it were for my son or not? I said it’s for me and he laughed his ass off. Trust me, if he were 21; I would have hit a rock bottom to him right there, right then.

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As I was saying, I didn’t leave Wrestling. After the departure of John Cena; I started loving it more. We call it ‘The New Era’. I experienced the pipe bombs of CM Punk, Becky Lynch’s broken nose which made her ‘The Man’, I was shocked when I saw AJ returned at the Rumble and then 1 year later gave us match of the year with John cena at Summerslam, I love Adam Cole tearing houses with Undisputed Era nights in nights out.

Here are a few reasons I believe people like me still enjoy WWE

Superhero Complex

You love superhero movies, right? Because it’s full of entertainment and Good guys always win (or most times). A lot of actions and a lot of drama. WWE is just like that except you don’t have to wait months/years; you can watch them every week. Most of us wants to be superhero at one or other point in our lives. We all wanted to have a super powers. Wrestling is one form of entertainment where you will see normal people who can do superhero stuffs. When you see Shane McMahon jumping from the Cell or Johnny Gargano not quitting after being beaten to death; your eyes ought to pop out.

Escape from Reality

I am sure you all love watching movies/ shows or reading books. Because it gave us a break from everyday hassle. It’s important to have a ‘Me Time’ to energize yourself before you jump into your work/study/chores. There can’t be any better regular distraction than WWE. You don’t have to wait, you don’t have to know the background stories, you can just start watching any day of the week. It has actions, it has drama and it surely is full of entertainment.


Unlimited Learning Opportunity

Yes, you read it, right. Not only you learn how to fight (which you don’t), but WWE has taught me so many things over time. English was not my first language when I started watching. If you would have asked the 11 year old me to tell me full sentence in English, I probably would have said ‘If you smell what the Rock is cooking?’. FYI, I did that in my school and got punished so bad my teacher. I learnt to become Sarcastic from Dwayne, aspired to be confident from John Cena’s NEVER BACK DOWN attitude, Became the Risk-taker from AJ Styles, learnt to dream big from Daniel Bryan and tried to become an opportunist like Edge. Every persona, every storyline, every rivalry has so many things to offer rather just entertainment.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t like everything about WWE. I hate the story of Bobby- Rusev- Lana. I fast forwarded when Mark Henry got Mae Young (Age: 63) pregnant or when Enzo talked which is pretty much every time he was on the screen.

Despite all those shitty storylines, there are so many moments which I cherished and will always do in WWE. And that’s why, every year I fly 26 hours (2 flights back to back) to see Wrestlemania live. Yes, I am grown man. But this part of me probably will never want to grow up.

WWE: Then, Now & Forever

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